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1.Feature Film Credits








Dir: Richard Wellings Thomas

Starring: Al Ashton






Nathan A Sheppard Movie Credits & Clips

My career spans 30 years.

Feature Film Credits as Director Of Photography unless otherwise credited.





(2CND Unit D.O.P) 



Directors; Neil Thomson & David Kew

Starring: Parminda Nagra


Chicken Tikka Masala



(2cnd Unit DOP)



Dir:Harmage Singh Kalirai

Starring: Said Jaffrey

The Asylum






Dir: John Stewart

Starring: Steffanie Pitt

2. Nathan A Sheppard Selected Movie Junket credits


Behind the scenes:

‘Band of Brothers’ ABC America

‘The Wedding Video’ Starring Rufus Howe


Junkets & EPK’s

‘28K’ Formosa Films All principle cast including Parminda Nagra

‘Clubbed’ Formosa Films All principle cast including Colin Salmon

‘Gothica’ Halle Berry for Richard and Judy Show Ch4

‘Bad Boys 2’ Will Smith for Richard and Judy Ch4

‘Charlies Angels’ for Richard and Judy Ch4 Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Miranda Richardson Tim Burton

‘Me myself and Irene’ Rene Zellwegger & Jim Carey

‘The End of the Affair’ Ralph Fiennes

‘Beloved’ Danny Glover & Oprah Winfrey

‘Toy Story’ Dir: David Lasseter

‘The Mummy Returns’ Rachel Weiss


DVD Extras:

‘The Wicker Man’ Documentary bonus DVD (released with DVD)

Interviews with Christopher Lee (Lord Summerisle)

Director Robin Hardy, Writer Anthony Shaffer

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ DVD release Blue Underground/Anchor Bay

bonus DVD Documentary ‘The Shocking Truth Behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

interview’s with Director Tobe Hoober, ‘Leatherface’ and principle cast.

‘The Bloody Judge’

Interview with Christopher Lee

‘The Three Musketeers’

Interview with Christopher lee

‘Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb’

Interviews with the star Valerie Leon and Writer Chris Wicking

‘Don’t Look Now’

Interview with Director Nick Roeg

‘One Million Years BC’

Interview with Ray Harryhausen

‘The Mask of Fu Manchu’

Interview with Christopher Lee & Director Jess Franco

‘To the Devil a Daughter’

Interview with Christopher Lee


Clubbed cast interviews from daily motion
Colin Salmon int. Youtube

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