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A Digital Media Company
A two - three minute video to showcase your products or services shot over a one day period in one location
A mid range budget for a more detailed video/film including: illustrating different technical products/demonstrations, that could be presenter led or have a voice over
A higher range budget for a video/film becoming more detailed and in depth. Utilising high end shooting kit for future proofing your product or service across all media platforms.
A commercial for TV/Cinema including; CGI, celebrity cast/voice over and much more

Why video is so powerful for your business...


* Video improves your websites Search Engine Optimisation, increasing your chance of a first page ranking on Google by 85%.


* 60 seconds of video is the equivalent to 1.8 million words!


* Video is your opportunity to communicate with existing customers, potential customers or staff, face to face, with perfect delivery every time.


* Using video in email increases click through rates by over 96%.


* On average we visit a website for 48 seconds.


* When your website has a video it increases to over 5 x minutes.


* Online video is more than 5 x more effective than text.


* Video promoted products are 85% more likely to be purchased.


* The efficiency of marketing email campaigns increases by 90%.


* Since March 2010 youtube has received 48 hours of video content per minute And 3 x billion view’s a day!


* Today Video is the fastest way to share information around the globe.


* In the last 3 x years mobile phone traffic has increased 5000%!!


* In 2014 90% of internet traffic will be video.


* The number of video sites increases every month.


* The largest search engine in the universe is Google, followed by youtube.


* E- Commerce and M commerce represent 10% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product!


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